Orders Guide

Find, view, and manage orders across all statuses

Orders Overview

This article provides an overview of Orders and the various components relating to Orders that impact order management tasks.

Orders List View

All orders can be found by navigating to Orders, where you can apply search filters to narrow down the list to find specific orders. Orders are sorted according to their Orders Status.
Choose Advanced to refine the Orders List according to a wide variety of filters, including Fulfillment Status.

Orders List Actions

Under the Actions menu the following options are available:
  • Export Orders Choose this option to export a CSV (comma separated value) file of the Orders List, with additional columns added including product, quantity, source attribution, payment methods, and more.
  • Export Order Line Items Choose this option to export a CSV (comma separated value) file of the Orders List broken down by individual Line Items per row in each order. This export also includes extended data per line item such as product, quantity, source attribution, payment methods, and more.
  • Delete Test Orders Choose this option to bulk remove Test Orders data from the Orders List. This is helpful to clean up your Orders List after performing tests on new campaigns, funnels, or order management workflows.

Order Management

View orders, the history of events associated with them, and manage their contents and payment events from the Order Details View.

Order Details View

Order Details provides a full overview of all information available for an order and associated events for a full view of an order’s life cycle.
Order Details View
Orders in Confirmed status that have not yet been sent for shipment will show an Upcoming Fulfillment badge on the Order Details table. Hover or tap on the badge to show the schedule of when the order will be sent on to the shipping partner for fulfillment.

Items Ordered

All items in the order are summarized in the Items Ordered table with Discounts and Shipping totalled into the order Total, including Sales Tax (if applicable).
Items Ordered View

Item Actions - Editing Order Line Items

After an order is placed you can edit the contents of the order for a limited amount of time. While an order is in Confirmed status, the contents of the order can still be edited.
Select the checkbox under Items Ordered for the line item you wish you edit, and choose Item Actions > Add Line Item / Update Line Item.
Refunds are not automatically processed for order quantity downgrades, so must be processed manually.
Orders in Processing status can no longer be modified. You can customize the delay before Confirmed status orders are sent to your fulfillment partner, and therefore transition to Processing status, by editing the shipping delay in Settings > Fulfillment

Status Changes

Each time the Order Status changes it is tracked in the Status Changes table. See below for more detail about Order Statuses and how they can be manually modified in certain cases.

Shipping Events

Shipping Events are logged by fulfillment integrations to log shipping events from the fulfillment center to the end destination.

Payment Events

The Payment Events table provides a log of charges, refunds, disputes related to the order for full payments visibility. Choosing View links to the Transactions Detail View, where you may manually process a Capture, Refund, Void, or Create a Dispute relating to a specific payment transaction.

Shipping Details

Inside the Shipping tab is a full breakdown of the shipping details for the order such as:
  • Shipping Method
  • Shipping Charges
  • Shipping Address & Phone

Payment Details

Inside the Payment tab is a full breakdown of the payments taken for the order and the billing address details.

Tax Details

If you are collecting sales tax on your orders, you will see the Taxes tab present on the Order Details view. From this tab you can see any sales tax collected, or refunded, for the order.

Discount Details

Inside the Discounts tab is a summary of all of the Offers and Discounts that have been applied to the order.

Source Attribution

Inside the Source Attribution tab is a full breakdown of all of the source attribution captured with the order.
Note that for sales leveraging custom integrations such as Everflow, or those created over the Admin API, Source Attribution Metadata & Events may also appear here if passed via API.


Inside the Notes tab are all notes that have been added to the order throughout its life cycle.

Fraud Info

If you are using a fraud prevention service such as MaxMind minFraud in your store, you will see the Fraud Info tab appear in your Order Details view. From this tab you can see the results of the fraud scoring service, including scoring, disposition (action taken), and any enhanced data or warnings transmitted by the fraud service.


Tags can be added to orders manually, or via the API, to allow for custom segmenting of groups of orders. Tags are available in search views like the Orders List view as a custom filter (choose "Advanced").
Use the Orders by Tag report to see a breakdown of orders by all tags.
Order Tags

Order Actions

From the Actions menu in the Order Details View, you can perform several actions:
  • View Order Status Page - links to the public URL on your storefront, which the customer can use to view their order details and order status, as well as any shipment status or tracking details (when using a supported integration).
  • Resend Confirmation Email - automatically re-sends the Order Confirmation Notification email to the customer.
  • Change Order Status - allows the manual changing of an order's status in certain scenarios. See Order Statuses for more detail.
  • Cancel Order - opens a window with options to cancel the order, input a Cancellation Reason, and if applicable, process a refund against the order. Select Send Cancel Order Email to Customer to automatically send the Order Canceled Notification email to the customer.
  • Create Ticket - creates a new Support Ticket, pre-populating the order and customer's details by default. It's recommended to create a ticket to log support inquiries.

Order Statuses

Below is an overview of the Statuses that Orders transition through during the order lifecycle. These are separate from Fulfillment Statuses that apply to orders and their line items.
While an order is in Confirmed Status only, it can be manually reverted to Pending status by choosing Item Actions > Change Status > Pending. This is useful in cases when an order should be held pending an update of customer information, such as clarification on a shipping address.
It's important to note that Pending orders will not be submitted for fulfillment, so they should be manually reset to Confirmed once repaired.
While an order is in Processing Status only, it can be manually advanced to Shipped status, by choosing Item Actions > Change Status > Shipped. You will be prompted to (optionally) enter shipment carrier, tracking number, and send the customer a shipment notification.
Change Order Status to Shipped
This is the initial status of all orders, allowing for orders to be created but not yet confirmed or approved for fulfillment. Orders placed but not yet paid remain in Pending until payment is confirmed.
The Order has been confirmed and will be sent to the fulfillment partner, with a default delay of 30 minutes. This delay is configurable in your store Fulfillment settings.
The Order has been sent to the fulfilment partner (if applicable) and no further action is required.
The Order has been canceled. Can only cancel an order before it has shipped.

Fulfillment Statuses

Along with Order Statuses, orders and each line item that comprises them carry a fulfillment status.
The Order has not yet been sent to fulfillment.
The Order has been sent to the fulfillment partner for processing. For most fulfillment integrations orders can no longer be modified, nor can shipments be automatically canceled once they reach this stage.
Partially Fulfilled
The Order has certain line items that have been marked as Fulfilled, but other line items that have yet to be fulfilled.
The Order has been marked as shipped by the fulfillment partner. For supported integrations, carrier and tracking data is returned and appended to the order, triggering a Shipment Confirmation email Notification.
The Order has been determined to have been delivered. Note, not all fulfillment and carrier partners support a delivery confirmation event.
Not Required
This status applies to orders or line items that do not require shipping, such as digital items or non-shipping items like warranties.
Once you're comfortable with Orders and related features, you can explore aggregated reports of orders by source attribution and other key data points: