Deliver exceptional customer service in a unified view of customer interactions

Gorgias is an ecommerce helpdesk that that offers a holistic view of your customer, helping your customer service team deliver exceptional service.

Setup Gorgias Integration

To setup Gorgias from within your 29 Next store, navigate to Apps > Gorgias and choose Install. This will prompt you to authorize the integration. Once the integration permissions are accepted, head to the App Settings to input your Gorgias account subdomain.

Follow the prompts to give 29 Next access to your Gorgias account, and you're setup and ready to go.

29 Next Widgets in Gorgias

There are 2 widgets displayed in the customer and ticket sidebar in Gorgias.

  • Customer - displays an overview of the customer, with links directly to their customer profile inside your 29 Next store.

  • Orders - displays order information for the customer's most recent 10 orders, with links to the orders inside your store, address details, and more.

29 Next widget data is pulled from your store when customers create new tickets or messages within Gorgias.

Multiple Store Support

The 29 Next integration with Gorgias supports connecting multiple stores to a single Gorgias account to help merchants unify customer support across their various brands.

This means that for merchants with multiple 29 Next stores connected by platform single sign on (SSO), you can re-use the same Gorgias account credentials across multiple stores.

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