MaxMind minFraud

Protect your store from fraud and create custom rules-based order management

Maxmind minFraud service provides real-time risk scoring and fraud analysis for payment services, allowing you to protect your brand from fraud and losses. MaxMind sits in the payment flow between the submission of a payment request by the customer, and the relaying of that request to the payment app/gateway.

Maxmind is an Extension. Enable it via Apps > Maxmind

The MaxMind App leverages Maxmind minFraud in conjunction with MaxMind Custom Rules, allowing the creation of custom disposition rules to define the parameters under which orders should be accepted or rejected.

How to Setup Maxmind minFraud Integration

Navigate to Apps > Maxmind and choose Actions > Activate.

From the Manage menu, input your Maxmind account details. Shop ID is a unique identifier for your store, allowing you to set up different rules based on β€œShop ID”.

Maxmind minFraud Custom Rules

The fraud protection and disposition logic relies on Custom Rules within your Maxmind minFraud account. Below is an example of Maxmind Custom Rules for Rejecting or Accepting Transactions based on Risk Score. Your store will follow the Accept and Reject Dispositions based on your the rules you set up.

Reviewing minFraud Data on Orders

For Orders passing through MaxMind’s service, the data returned to 29 Next is stored under Order Details in the Fraud Info tab. View the Risk Score, along with the result of any custom dispositions, payment card extended data, and any Warnings passed by MaxMind during the scoring process.

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