Add Products

Build out your store's catalogue of products

Create a Product

When you're ready to create a Product to sell in your store, head to the Products menu and choose New Product.

Choose whether you want to sell a Stand-alone Product, or a Product with Variants, then choose Create New Product.

Product Details View

From the Product Details view, you're ready to add or modify all the details of your product.

Set Pricing

Set up pricing in one or multiple currencies for your product. Choose Add Price to set pricing with the following values:

  • Currency* - the unique currency value in which a product is sold, allowing for locale-specific pricing on your storefront

  • Price* - this is the selling price for the product that appears on the storefront

  • Price (Retail) - optionally, this default full price for the product appears on the storefront product page as struck through

Optionally, choose whether to Charge Tax on this Product

  • Tax Class - assign a Tax Class to individual SKUs when tax is enabled

Optional fields when setting up Product Pricing

  • Subscription Price - available for products with Subscription enabled, this is the default price for subscription purchases

  • Subscription Suggested Downsell Price - sets a suggested incentive price for subscription downsells upon subscriber cancel requests

Adding subscription-specific prices is useful for subscription management scenarios by your store's customer service and sales reps.

Add Product Content

Add content to customize your product page on the storefront. Switch to HTML view to add custom HTML. If your store supports multiple languages, you may input translated content via the language tabs:

  • Title - the name of the product

  • Description - a longer form description of the product


Upload one or more images of your product. When creating Product Variants you can choose to assign one of the series of images to each variant, for example to display a certain size or color option for a variant.

Product Details

Set up the following product details:

  • Is Discountable - set to allow the product to be discounted via Offers & Coupons

  • Is Public - set to show or hide the product from the storefront

  • Ranking - set the product priority, with the higher value products appearing first in the storefront shop area

Product Categories

If you've set up Categories you may assign one or more to your product from this view.

Purchase Options

Choose to Enable Subscription for products to allow them to be included in subscription orders, and specify the billing interval(s) for subscriptions.

Shipping Options

Choose whether the product should be shippable or not. For products that do not require shipping, customers will not be required to enter a shipping address at checkout.

  • Requires Shipping - physical products that will be shipped by a fulfillment location

  • Digital Product or Service - virtual products fulfilled electronically


Optionally add additional product details:

  • UPC - if available, the barcode UPC of the product

  • Tax Code - optionally assign a Tax Code to override the category default (if applicable)

Product Template

Optionally, when available, choose a custom Theme Template to assign to the Product to control its look and feel on your storefront. Custom Product Pages are commonly used to showcase a marquee product, or to create a custom look and feel to improve storefront conversion rates.

Theme Developers - to learn about custom storefront product pages, and how to create and customize theme templates, check out the 29 Next developer docs.

Product Attributes & Product Variants

See Product Variants for more on how to customize attributes, variants, and more.

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