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Platform Overview

29 Next is an ecommerce platform that combines a hosted storefront cart and checkout, an order management CRM, and a customer service ticketing system.

Ecommerce sellers can build their brand presence entirely within the 29 Next platform, or leverage our APIs to create fully customized shopping and digital marketing experiences.

Create unlimited products in your store catalogue, segmented by variants, ranges, categories, as well as custom attributes to allow for subscriptions and sales tax classifications. Products can support multiple pricing schemes, variants, and multiple fulfillment locations, allowing you to sell across borders and localize your commerce.

Subscriptions are supported natively in 29 Next. Reduce churn from recurring payment failures with Smart Decline Salvage, and offer your customers self-managed subscriptions through their storefront Customer Accounts.

To incentivize your customers to make purchases, leverage Offers and create custom promotions, discounts, and programmable coupons. Track the usage of offers to optimize your marketing efforts.

29 Next supports a wide variety of payment methods, including over 120 global payment gateways, PayPal, and many other local and alternative payment methods. 29 Next handles your PCI requirements, secure token vault, and account updater, so you can focus your efforts on selling. The checkout is PSD2-ready with 3DS2 support built in.

Customer Support includes the built-in Ticket Center, which integrates to your brand’s support email process, and provides hosted FAQs and support articles. Use support Macros to automate common service responses.

Integrations for many third party tools are available with Apps, allowing for marketing automation, fraud detection, custom shipping solutions, ad and affiliate tracking, and custom payment providers.

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