Technical Settings

Set up API Users, Metadata and other advanced features
Once your basic store settings are in place, you may choose to grant API access for your developers and third party Apps.

API Access

From the Settings > API Access menu you may grant or remove individual Dashboard users’ access to the Admin API.

OAuth Apps

To grant Admin API access to an external app or user, choose Create App. Choose a Name for your App and assign the access to a Dashboard user.
Once created, on the following view choose Configure App Permissions to define the access levels your App or API-connected process should be granted.
Once permissions are assigned, a new tab Credentials will appear. From that tab, the unique Admin API Access Token will be displayed.
Note - you must copy and securely store this API Access Token at this time. For security reasons it is not possible to display the key again after this point.
To generate a replacement Access Token, simply choose to Revoke the current token. A new API Access Token will be generated and displayed.
Check out the 29 Next Developers Documentation for more info on building Apps and integrations.
To unlock the full power of 29 Next, you can optionally set up additional features at this stage.