3DS2 Payments

Support 3DS2 for SCA-compliant payments in the store checkout and over the Admin API

3D Secure 2 Payments

3D-Secure v2 (3DS2) payments are fully supported in 29 Next, both via the storefront checkout and for transactions created over the Admin API.

For EU-based merchants, or merchants selling to EU-based customers, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is mandated under the PSD2 directive for payment card transactions. 3DS2 offers a low or no-friction method to achieve SCA compliance on your store's transactions.

3DS2 authentication is supported in beta on 29 Next for the following gateways:

  • 29 Next Payments

  • Adyen

  • Airwallex

  • BlueSnap

  • Braintree

  • Checkout.com

  • NMI

  • Nuvei

  • PayPal Commerce Platform

  • Stripe Payment Intents

  • 29 Next Test Gateway

  • WorldPay

To support 3DS2 payments over the Admin API, see the link below.

space29 NEXT

3DS2 Merchant Profiles

To create a 3DS2-enabled Gateway, navigate to Settings > Payments > 3DS Merchant Profiles and select Add 3DS Merchant Profile. You will be prompted to enter the following values, some of which may be obtained from your processing provider or acquiring bank

  • Merchant Name

  • Merchant URL

  • Merchant MCC (merchant category code)

  • Merchant Country

  • Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover acquiring BINs (ABIN)

Choose to Save your Merchant Profile.

Then from your Payments > Payment Gateways list, choose an existing gateway, or create a new one, and select to Enable 3D Secure Transactions. Assign the Merchant Profile to the gateway, and choose Update Gateway.

You may optionally choose to automatically Retry Non-3DS Enrolled Cards as Standard Transaction to gracefully re-attempt any transactions on cardholders which do not support 3DS payments. Note that this setting should only be used with merchant accounts that support both 3DS and non-3DS transactions.

Optimized 3DS2

For merchants using payment gateways that offer acceptance of both 3DS and non-3DS payment transactions, 29 Next offers the ability to optimize the payment flow to reduce friction for customers.

When a customer checks out and submits their payment details, a 3DS2 payment authentication is initiated. The 3D Secure server returns an authentication flow response:

  • Frictionless - meaning that the customer's transaction is authenticated without any further input, or

  • Challenge - which requires the customer to enter a one-time password generated by their card issuing bank into a challenge screen to proceed with transaction authentication.

Choose Enable Optimized 3D Secure Transactions to bypass the challenge flow and submit such transactions as non-3DS. For frictionless authentications, the transaction would pass through as 3DS without any action required by the customer.

3DS2 Optimized allows merchants to offer customers a fully frictionless checkout experience, while covering up to 70% of their payment transactions with 3DS authentication.

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