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Invite Team Members

Set up Store Users & Permission Groups

Store Users

Create and manage additional users from Settings > Users & Permissions.
Permissions can be given at a granular level by setting up Permission Groups to grant or limit access to different areas of the Dashboard. This way you can customize access for different user roles within your organization.

Create Dashboard Users

Grant team members access to the Dashboard by following the Add Dashboard User button on the Dashboard Users list.
Using Create Dashboard User view, add the user's unique email and name, and give them the appropriate permissions for their user role. The user will now have access to the Dashboard.
A welcome email will automatically be sent to a new user upon creation, prompting them to access their account from the unified login page accounts.29next.com. The user can login and create a password for the first time.
Admin Users have all permissions available by default, including the ability add, modify, or delete other Users.
Users should use the 29 Next Accounts Portal to modify a Dashboard User's name or contact details, or change their password after creation.
29 Next supports platform single sign on (SSO), meaning a single user may be granted Dashboard access to multiple stores.

Permissions Groups

Permissions Groups allow the creation of custom levels of access permissions to match different business and security roles in your organization. Choose Add Permission Group to set up groups grant or limit access to different sections of the Dashboard, corresponding with the top level areas in the left hand navigation menu.
Grant or limit access to specific Apps by setting App Permissions for users or permission groups.
Below are examples of recommended Permissions Groups:
Permission Group
Customer Service Supervisors
Customers Orders Payments Subscriptions Support Offers
Customer Service Agents
Customers Orders Payments Subscriptions Support Offers
Storefront Managers
Storefront Customers Orders Subscriptions Support Offers
Data Analysts
Analytics Customers Orders
Accounting & Finance
Analytics Payments Customers Orders