Link Domains

Connect one or more domain names to your storefront and emails


29 Next supports the use of vanity domain name(s) for your store. Go to Settings > Domains to get your domain linked to your store.

Add, Delete, and designate a domain as your store's Primary domain from this view.

The Primary Domain is used for Checkout Links created from customer carts via the Dashboard, and other links to your storefront.

You must point your domain name's DNS settings so that it will resolve to your 29 Next store.

29 Next strongly recommends Cloudflare for your domain names. Cloudflare's Free account includes management tools to simplify your store setup, security, and administration.

Itโ€™s important that both the root WWW and CNAME DNS settings are pointed to

Email Sending Domains

From the Settings > Domains view, you can view, edit, and Add Email Sending Domains to your store.

For any Email Sending Domains that are set up, it is required to add DKIM verification records to your domain name's DNS settings to ensure email deliverability.

Click Actions > View to edit email verification settings:

  • CNAME records to add to your domainโ€™s DNS records to enable DKIM signing, which ensures deliverability and reduces the chance of your storeโ€™s notifications ending up in customersโ€™ spam folders.

To re-verify DNS settings for an Email Sending Domain that's been set up, select Check DNS. Note that it may take up to 12 hours for new DNS records to be recognized.

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