Add Locations & Languages

Set up locales, languages, and currencies

29 Next offers support for international sales in multiple locales, languages, and currencies. Before you start selling, you should configure the languages, currencies, and countries you plan to sell in.

It's useful to set up locales and currencies before you add Fulfillment Locations.

English is the default language.

Set Up Store Locales

From the Settings > Localization view, select locales for your Storefront. Set a custom priority to determine which geo locale will be displayed by default, and the order in which they should be displayed in your storefront’s geo selector -- with the highest value being first.

Assign a currency (required) and a language to each Geo created.

Additional Languages

Add languages to allow for localized content on your Storefront, your Dashboard content editors, and the Dashboard interface itself.

The Priority sets the order in which languages will be displayed in your storefront’s language selector -- with the highest value being first.

The 29 Next Checkout and customer Notifications are currently localized in a number of languages - contact your account representative if you have a custom language requirement.

  • Français

  • ภาษาไทย (Thai)

  • Deutsch

  • Svenska

  • Nørsk

  • Italiano

  • Español

  • Nederlands

  • Português

  • Suomi

  • Dansk


Assign currencies to one or more geo locales, and set priorities for default display and display order. Currencies can also be set to non-public, meaning they won’t be available in the storefront to shoppers, but will still be supported in your Dashboard sales data and on the APIs.

Note: For reporting purposes, transactions in all other currencies are converted to the base reporting currency in the Dashboard: USD

29 Next updates foreign exchange rates automatically, at the averaged daily rate via Open Exchange Rates, to calculate foreign exchange reporting conversions.

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