Automate your Partner Marketing Attribution & Tracking
Everflow is a partner and affiliate marketing tracking platform that allows you to create and track unique offers for your marketing partners. With Everflow, it’s easy to attribute sales to partners, evaluate the performance of each partner channel, and automate the postback of lead, order, upsell, and subscription events.
​Source Attribution on an order-level is populated by values passed via Everflow links.
Everflow is an installable App. Enable it from the Apps menu on your store.

Setup Everflow Integration for Your Storefront

To set up Everflow on your store, navigate to Apps > Everflow. Input your Everflow account credentials and click Save. The required fields are as follows:
  • Everflow Postback URL
  • Everflow Network ID
  • Everflow Verification Token
  • Everflow API Key
The Everflow App uses the S2S (Server to Server) conversion method with an order. The S2S conversion method will enable the following values to be passed back on a conversion event into Everflow.
  • amount
  • currency
  • nid
  • order_number
  • transaction_id
Use the Everflow Postback Delay to append all Upsells Revenue generated in a single customer session to the conversion event postback.
Order totals sent to Everflow on conversion events are tax exclusive.

Set up Everflow Postbacks via Admin API

For orders created via the Admin API orders_create method, you must pass the everflow_transaction_id as a string into the Source Attribution Metadata field on your API call. Orders created with this ID will trigger the S2S postback to Everflow, and associate the conversion events back to Everflow.
The everflow_transaction_id is equivalent to the "transaction_id" that Everflow generates on a click to your URL.

Example Source Attribution Meta with Everflow Transaction ID

"attribution": {
"metadata": {
"everflow_transaction_id": "string"
Note that Test Orders do not fire an S2S postback to Everflow.