Map your products to sellable inventories at fulfillment locations

Product SKUs

Each Product has a corresponding Product SKU (formerly Stock Record), which represents an actual sellable physical item in your warehouse, or a virtual SKU in the case of digital products.

SKUs can exist at multiple Fulfillment Locations, with pricing in multiple currencies, allowing for split fulfillment - a single product sold via multiple warehouses in multiple locales, with inventories tracked separately.

Learn about location-based Order Routing rules for scenarios where orders may be fulfilled from multiple locations.

Configure SKU & Fulfillment Locations

From the Product Details View, on the Inventory card, choose Add Location.

Link one or more locations from your store's available list of Fulfillment Locations.

For Variant Products, choose Variants to view the Inventory card to set up corresponding SKU Fulfillment Location(s)

  • Fulfillment Location* - this is the shipping location where orders are sent to be fulfilled by a fulfillment provider

  • SKU* - this is the fulfillment location's reference for your product's physical stock keeping unit.

Tracking Stock Levels

Optionally, set inventory stock level tracking at your Products.

When Track Stock Levels is enabled, you must either maintain inventory count above zero to ensure your product is eligible for sale on the storefront, or you must enable Allow Backorders.

On the Fulfillment Location, choose Edit to input the following values:

  • Number in Stock*

  • Low Stock Threshold - optional

Low Stock Alerts

Navigate to Products > Inventory > Low Stock Alerts to see a list of alerts for products that have fallen below their Low Stock Threshold.

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