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Test Orders

Create Test Orders with Test Order Cards
Creating test orders is a very common exercise when testing new order confirmation designs, APIs, integrations, and other cases where you need to test your implementations.

Create Test Orders

To create a Test Order, use the following bankcard credentials to complete a checkout on your store. These test credentials also work when creating test orders over the Admin API.
Test Order Card
Test Order Use Case
6011 1111 1111 1117
Standard Payment Flow
6011 0009 9013 9424
3DS Payment Flow

Deleting Test Orders

You can periodically delete all of the test orders from your store. From the Orders List view select:
  • Actions > Delete Test Orders
Test Subscriptions can be deleted from the Subscriptions List view by selecting:
  • Actions > Delete Test Subscriptions
Test Subscriptions will continue to automatically recur while in Active status, resulting in the creation of Test Orders.

Test Order Concepts

Test orders differ from real orders in a variety of ways:
  • Test orders are not included in orders, customers, and transactions reporting
  • Test orders are not automatically sent to fulfillment locations for shipping. However, manually Requesting Fulfillment on a test order will post the order to the fulfillment location.
  • Test orders are excluded from Order List View exports
  • Test orders do not perform gateway transactions and are always successful
For stores that have the Klaviyo or Everflow Apps enabled, note that Test Orders do not trigger server to server (S2S) postbacks by default. Choose the "Enable S2S postback for test orders" option in the Everflow App settings to fire postbacks on test orders. Choose the "Enable Sending Test Data to Klaviyo" option in the Klaviyo App settings to send test order data through to Klaviyo.