Support Ticket Reports

Evaluate your customer service and Support Ticket processes

Support Ticket reports allow you to view and analyze aggregated metrics related to the customer support activities happening in your store. Choose Filters to narrow down the results by a variety of metrics, and export the results by choosing Download CSV.

All Support Tickets reports display the following aggregated data points for tickets created in the date range specified:

  • Opened (Tickets)

  • Solved (Tickets)

  • Average First Reply Time (Hours)

  • Average Resolution Time (Hours)

  • Average Agent Touches

Tickets by Ticket Type

View a breakdown of Support Tickets by Ticket Type. Tickets can optionally be assigned a Ticket Type by the requestor, or by a customer service agent or store administrator. Support Macros can also be set up to assign or change a Ticket Type. Set and edit custom ticket types for your store at Settings > Support.

Tickets by Support Agent

View a breakdown of Support Tickets handled by Support Agent. In this context the Support Agent is the Dashboard User that is assigned to a ticket, or solves a ticket.

Tickets by Source Channel

View a breakdown of Support Tickets grouped by the channel through which they were originally created.

  • Dashboard Tickets created from within the Dashboard, for example in the Ticket Center, or via the Order Details View or Customer Details View.

  • Customer Account Tickets created by customers from logging into their storefront account and choosing to submit a support request.

  • Email For customer service emails sent to your store's Support Email address, a support ticket will be automatically created and associated with the requestor's customer account.

Support by Tag

View a breakdown of Support Tickets by Tag associated to the ticket. When handling tickets, users can assign one or more Tags to segment and categorize the ticket. Tags can also be configured to be applied by Support Macros automatically.

Support by Product

View a breakdown of Support Tickets by the Products which are associated to them. When handling tickets, users can associate one or more Products to the support request. When selecting an existing order to associate to a ticket, or when creating a new ticket from the Order Details view, the Products within the order will automatically populate into the ticket's product field.

For more information relating to automating support tickets based on customer service inbound email, see Support Settings.

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