Manage risk and recover revenue with Midigator

Midigator is a leader in Payment Dispute Management and Automation. 29 Next fully integrates Payment Disputes with Midigator’s service.

Midigator is an App, installable via the Apps menu in your store.

The Midigator App is integrated to seamlessly connect your Midigator account and workflows with 29 Next:

  • Automated processing of Prevention Alerts, Order Matching, and providing evidence for dispute responses.

  • Automated processing of Chargebacks, Order Matching, and adding cards to Block Lists

How to Connect Midigator to Your Store

To set up your store with Midigator, first retrieve your Midigator API Authentication Token. With the API Token, navigate to Apps > Midigator to input your token.

Once your credentials are input and saved, 29 Next syncs your customer and order data to Midigator, allowing full automation of disputes management.

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