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Configure your email settings and customer service tools

To ensure your customers receive timely notifications from your store, it's important to set up inbound and outbound email settings.


From the Settings > Notifications menu you can view a list of all the transactional and event-based notifications available to your store. These notifications are triggered by events in the customer’s lifecycle.

Notification emails use your store's Branding Settings in the header and design.

At this stage, you may choose to check or uncheck “Active” to enable or suppress certain notifications from being sent.

Sellers creating orders using the Admin API often choose to disable the store “Registration” notification, so that customers do not receive a separate "Welcome" email in addition to a new order confirmation notification.

Notifications Settings

Configure and customize your store’s email settings:

  • Set a Default From Address from which all transactional emails from your store will be sent to your customers.

  • Optionally set an Admin Order Notification Email if you want to receive notifications by email of every new order placed.

Order Confirmation Notification Delay

Configure a delay (in minutes) of the sending of the Order Confirmation Notification to the customer. This allows time for post-sale upsells to be added on to the original order, so they may be reflected in a single unified Order Confirmation email. The delay is limited to 10 minutes.

It's important to set up Email Sending Domain(s) for your store to present the proper branding to your customers and ensure email deliverability.

Support Settings

From the Settings > Support area, input the following support ticket and email settings such as the Support Ticket Email Prefix, as well as setting the Support Email Domain for your store.

To receive email in your Support Ticket center from your designated Support Email address, you must set up MX records on your domain name.

Inbound Email Settings

MX records allow inbound customer support email sent to your domain to sync to Support Tickets and map automatically to the customer’s account. MX records must be added to your DNS settings via your domain name provider.

Ticket Types

Set up a custom list of Ticket Types to categorize support inquiries, and define a Display Order to control how they appear in the drop down menus.

Note that Ticket Types also appear publicly in storefront Customer Accounts Support area. Customers are able to select a ticket type when submitting a support request.

For more on 29 Next's integrated Support capabilities, including setting up Macros for automation of your support ticket handling, click here:

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