Subscription Settings

Configure how your store handles subscribers and subscription events

Subscriptions Settings

From the Settings > Subscriptions area, configure settings that will control your store's handling of subscription events.

Subscriptions are visible to customers in their storefront Customer Accounts. Review the Customer Accounts subscription settings to ensure your subscriber experience and self-service options are presented as intended.

Cancel Reasons

Set custom subscription Cancel Reasons, which can be set to public or non-public. These reasons are aggregated in Subscription Reports and on the Subscriptions Dashboard. Set a Display Order to determine the order in which the (Public) reasons should appear to the customer in their storefront Customer Accounts, if they have access to self-service cancellation.

Failed Payments Handling

Configure settings related to the handling of failed subscription renewal payments. See Subscription Cancellation Paths and Subscription Renewal Decline Salvage for more detail on each feature set.


Configure Upcoming Renewal Notifications to notify your customers via email of upcoming recurring billing events, either for all billing events, or only prior to the first recurring charge in a subscription.

From this card you can also choose whether to trigger the sending of the Order Confirmation notification on recurring orders.

The available Subscription Notifications are as follows. It's recommended that all of these should be set to Active in your store's Notifications Settings.

  • Subscription Renewal Notification

  • Subscription Canceled Notification

  • Subscription Update Payment Notification - when enabled, a customer will be notified when their subscription fails to renew, with a one-click link to allow them to enter a new payment method.

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