Create & Manage Returns

Create and manage customer return requests

Create a Return

To set up a Return on an order, from the Order Details view select Return.

Orders with items in Fulfilled status are eligible to be Returned.

Next, from the Return Order view, choose the items and quantity of items that will be returned. Select a return reason to log the purpose of the return. This return reason will be displayed on the Order Timeline.

Return Shipping Options

Select your Return Location - this is where you will direct your customer to return their items.

Fulfillment Locations that are configured to Accept Returns in the Fulfillment Settings will be available to select when preparing a return.

Next, choose from two options for return shipping:

  • Customer Provides Return Label - select this option if you require the customer to manage their own shipment back to your fulfillment location.

  • Merchant Provides Returns Label - if you will provide a prepaid shipping label to your customer, select this option. You will have the option to upload a shipping label image file, or a URL, which will be emailed to your customer. You may also update the Tracking Code and Carrier for the return shipping label.

When you're finished configuring your return, review the Return Summary and choose Create Return.

View & Manage Return Status

Once your return has been set up, from the Order Details view, the order items will show as Return In Progress and a Return Number will be assigned to reference the pending return.

The following options will be available to manage your return:

  • Refund - process a refund when the items have been received.

  • Close - mark the return as received without processing a refund.

  • More Actions - Cancel - cancel the return and revert the order items to Fulfilled status.

Manage Returns

To view a list of all returns, go to the Orders - Returns menu.

Search or filter the list by return Status, date, and other metrics.

You should view Open status Returns as a part of standard workflows, to ensure that requested Returns are being received and processed in a timely manner.

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