📦Products Catalogue

Create and manage the products, categories, and ranges your store offers

Create Products

The items for sale in your 29 Next store are organized under the Products menu.

You can set up new products, enter descriptions and details, upload images, create Variants if your product has various options like colours or sizes, and configure details about how the product appears on the storefront.

Products can be associated with Categories, can be assigned to one or more Ranges, and can carry Attributes and options such as being physically or digitally fulfilled, enabled for subscription orders, custom subscription intervals, and more.

Each product has a product page on your 29 Next storefront. When setting up a product you can input custom content and HTML, unique for each supported language, to style and add content to your product page presentation.

Let's get started by adding a Product to your store.

Theme Developers - to learn about custom storefront product pages, and how to create theme templates, check out the 29 Next developer docs.

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