Create Orders

Create new orders from the Dashboard

To manually create a new order for a new or existing customer, from the Orders menu choose Create Order.

Create Order Items

Start by selecting Add Products to add one or more items to the new order. As you add products to the order, the Payment summary will automatically update the order's pricing.

Once an item is added to the order, the following options will be available:

  • Edit Price - Enter a custom price for the item(s)

  • Edit Quantity* - Adjust the quantity of the item(s)

  • Edit Schedule - For products allowed to be sold in subscriptions, adjust the billing interval

  • Remove - delete the line item

*The Edit Quantity amount is limited to the value of the Cart Max Item limit, defined in the store's Checkout Settings.


From the Customer card, assign an existing customer to the order using the search field, or Create New Customer to open a form to create a new customer account.

The Language field defines the language of store notifications that will be sent to the customer when their order is created.

Once a Customer is selected, the Shipping Address and Billing Address fields will be displayed. To add or modify the default addresses, select Edit on each card.


The Payment summary automatically calculates the order total, including discounts, shipping costs, and tax amounts.

  • Edit Shippping - change the shipping method or define a custom shipping price

  • Add Discounts - apply a promo code or a gift card, or select Site Offers that apply dynamic discounts to the order

When you're ready to process the order, select Collect Payment

  • Enter Credit Card - add the payment card credentials to bill for the order

  • Mark as Paid - mark the order as already paid by an External payment method

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