Managing Subscriptions

Manage individual subscriptions in your store

Managing Subscriptions

From the Subscriptions menu you can view and access all subscriptions, and perform certain management Actions on one, or multiple subscriptions in bulk.

Subscription Details View

Click View to see the Subscription Details view, which displays an overview of the Subscription, the items contained in it, the orders history, any events that have taken place during its lifecycle on the Timeline, with available actions to manage it.

From the subscription detail view, there are several actions available to manage the subscription:

  • Change Next Renewal Date Manually specify the next renewal date to expedite or delay the next recurring order.

  • Change Schedule Change the billing frequency to better match the customerโ€™s needs for recurring intervals.

  • Process Renewal Now Process the next recurring order immediately.

  • Change Payment Gateway Change the gateway that will automatically bill the customer's next subscription order.

  • Cancel Cancel the subscription and specify a cancellation reason.

Modify Subscriptions

The Items table shows the Products, Price, and Quantity included in the subscription

  • Choose Add Products to add additional products to the subscription.

  • Choose Actions > Update to modify the existing product's quantity or price.

All subscription renewal orders can be viewed on the Timeline, offering easy access to view and manage each order.

Every update to a subscription is logged, with the Timeline providing a full log of details for a subscriptionโ€™s history, changes, and orders. View and track all user initiated changes to a subscription, whether initiated by the customer or a Dashboard user.

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