Payment Failure Cascading

Re-attempt failed customer transactions to save checkouts
Merchants with more than one payment gateway may wish to support cascading - ie. the immediate re-attempt of a failed transaction at checkout onto a secondary gateway.
Note: Re-attempting payment failures is not recommended for Hard Decline reasons are returned in an initial response. Only Soft Declines are likely to approve upon re-attempt. Your application should parse the Transaction Response Code to decide whether a charge should be re-attempted.
Upon a failed payment transaction, a card_token is returned in the API response:
"payment_details": "Unable to process the purchase transaction.",
"payment_response_code": "2000",
"payment_method": {
Upon a failed Bankcard transaction, to create a secondary payment attempt (the "cascade" attempt after an initial failure), the transaction request should switch to use payment_method: "card_token" and then pass the card_token from the initial response.
"payment_method": "card_token",
"payment_details": {
"card_token": "1hSk5wZmkCtgaC3TOtahuV6Z2R",
"payment_gateway": <gateway_id>
On the secondary attempt using the card token, you can specify under payment_details an alternate payment_gateway to re-attempt a failed charge on the designated secondary gateway.