Refund Items & Orders

The Refund view provides multiple ways to issue refunds and cancel line items

Refund Order Items

To refund specific items from an order, from the Order Details View, choose Refund.

The Refund view offers several options to process refunds against both order line items, and entire orders.

To be eligible for refunds, orders should have payment status as Paid, Partially Paid, or Partially Refunded.

Orders with a payment status of Authorized must have payments Captured before they can be refunded. More on Authorize & Capture payment flows.

Unfulfilled or Fulfilled status orders allow the option to select specific items in the order for cancellation and refunding. Selecting an item, or a quantity of an item, will pre-populate a refund amount corresponding to the items selected.

Processing status order items are not available to be refunded directly. Since they are in the process of being fulfilled, they must first be canceled at the fulfillment partner using the Request Cancellation option (for supported integrations).

Amounts in the Refund Amount field are freely editable, up to the amount that remains available for refunding on the corresponding payment transaction. Selecting items for refund, where possible, is optional.

Items refunded from an order will also be canceled out of the order. Refunded items from an Unfulfilled order will therefore not be posted to the fulfillment partner.

Refund Shipping Costs

When shipping costs have been charged to the customer, the option to Refund Shipping will be displayed along with the shipping method, and amount charged.

Process a Refund

  • Enter a Reason for Refund (optional), to be shown on the order's Timeline

  • Verify that the amount in the Refund Amount field is the desired amount

  • Choose whether to send the customer a Refund Notification email

  • Click Refund

Partially Refund Orders

It is always possible to bypass the selection of specific items for refunding, and simply process a refund against the payment transaction(s) on an order.

  • Enter the desired amount to refund from a transaction in the Refund Amount field

  • Choose whether to send the customer a Refund Notification email

  • Click Refund

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