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Product Ranges

Create custom product groupings for discounts, promotions & more


Product Ranges make it easy to organize your store's products into flexible segments, which for example may be used to allow a range to qualify for special discounts, eligibility for subscriptions, and so on.
To create, edit, and delete Ranges, navigate to the Offers > Ranges menu.
Examples of product ranges can be:
  • All Products (the default Range includes all of the store's products)
  • Subscription Eligible (applies only to Products available to be sold in Subscriptions)
  • Clearance Offers (applies to Products available for special discounts)
Ranges can be set to Public (visible on the storefront) or non-Public.
Ranges are used to connect groups of products with Offers - for example to apply conditional discounts, incentives, restrictions, and eligibility for coupons.