Create customized and trackable discounts with coupon codes

Coupons, also known as Promo Codes or Voucher Codes, are codes you create for your customers to apply during checkout. Coupons can trigger straightforward discounts, or a variety of conditional incentives for shoppers to take advantage of promotional conditions you may define.

It's useful to think of Coupon Codes as containers for Offers. Multiple Offers can be combined into a single Coupon Code.

View and track the usage of Coupons via the Orders by Coupon report.

View Coupons

Navigate to Offers > Coupons to view a list of all current Coupons, or to create a New Coupon.

Choose from the following Actions from the menu on each Coupon:

  • Stats - redirects to the Coupon Details view, showing the aggregated usage and performance of the coupon, the details of the coupon's conditions, a list of the recent Orders that used the Coupon with discounts granted.

  • Edit - redirects to the Coupon Edit view, to set up and configure the Coupon.

  • Delete - choose to remove the Coupon

Create & Manage Coupons

Choose New Coupon from the Offers > Coupons view.

From the Create Coupon view, choose a Name for the coupon, and enter the coupon Code, which is how your customer would enter it.

Optionally define Start and End Dates if you want to restrict the usage of the coupon to a certain range of time.

Usage allows you to restrict the coupon's use to the following limits:

  • Can be used once by one customer

  • Can be used multiple times by multiple customers

  • Can only be used once per customer

Apply Offers to the Coupon

Finally, choose which Offers should apply when this coupon code is entered.

Use this setting to attach Offer(s) to the coupon code. Offers should be non-exclusive, and set up to work in combination with each other if you wish to apply multiple offers to a single coupon code. For coupon codes with Exclusive Offers attached, the highest priority offer will take precedence.

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