Fulfillment Statuses

An overview fulfillment statuses for order line items

Fulfillment Statuses

Along with Order Statuses, each line item in an order carries a fulfillment status.



The Order has not yet been sent to fulfillment. Unfulfilled items due to be posted to the Fulfillment Location will display an "Upcoming Fulfillment" badge with an estimate of the fulfillment time.


The items in the order have been sent to the fulfillment location for processing, and have received an "Accepted" for fulfillment response. For supported fulfillment integrations, you may still request to cancel fulfillment. The fulfillment location may accept this cancellation request, or reject it if stopping the shipment is no longer possible, or is unsupported.

Partially Fulfilled

The Order has some line items that have been marked as Fulfilled, but other line items that have yet to be fulfilled.


The Order has been marked as shipped by the fulfillment location. For supported integrations, carrier and tracking data is returned and appended to the order, triggering a Shipment Confirmation notification email.

On Hold

The order fulfillment has been put on hold. It will not ship until the user chooses to Release Fulfillment


The Order has been rejected by the Fulfillment Location upon a request for fulfillment. The order needs to be repaired or modified.

Not Required

This status applies to orders or line items that do not require shipping, such as digital items or non-shipping items like product warranties.

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