Configure Webhooks

Integrate and extend to third party platforms with webhooks


29 Next stores feature a full suite of Webhook Events to subscribe to and receive updates as JSON data. Combining Webhook Events and the Admin API allows you to build two-way integrations, automations, and custom business logic for your store.

Webhooks can be created via the Dashboard or via the Admin API. Webhook event logs can also be viewed in the Dashboard to analyze, diagnose or troubleshoot receiving endpoints.

Creating a new Webhook

Choose Create Webhook to set up a new webhook. Input the full target URL to receive the data. The URL endpoint must accept JSON data and respond with a 200 status code.

Choose from the following Event Triggers:

  • cart.abandoned

  • customer.created

  • customer.updated

  • customer.deleted

  • order.created

  • order.updated

  • transaction.created

  • ticket.created

  • ticket.updated

  • subscription.created

  • subscription.updated

  • dispute.created

  • dispute.updated

How to View Webhook Logs in the Dashboard

Navigate to Settings > Webhooks to view the list of all configured Webhooks. View the detail and logs of each Webhook by choosing Actions > Detail. Update the configuration of a webhook by choosing Actions > Update.

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