Edit Orders

Modify orders in progress to add or remove items and adjust quantities

Editing Orders

Editing Order Line Items

After an order is placed you can edit the contents of the order for a limited amount of time. While an order's items are in Unfulfilled status, the contents of the order can be edited.

To add or remove items, or modify the quantities on an existing order, from the Order Details View choose Edit.

Next, from the Edit Order View:

  • Add Products - add additional product(s) to the order.

  • Adjust Quantity - add or reduce quantities of the items already in the order.

  • Remove Items - remove the current items from the order.

  • Reason for Edit - specify a reason for the edit, which will be recorded on the order timeline.

To finish editing the order, click Update Order.

Refunds are not automatically processed when performing order quantity downgrades, so they must be processed manually by using the Refund menu. When adding items or quantities to orders, you may be prompted to collect additional payment from the customer.

Edit Orders in Processing Status

Orders with items in a Processing fulfillment status can no longer be edited.

You may Request Cancellation of the fulfillment items in Processing to stop fulfillment, (where supported by the fulfillment location). If successfully canceled, you may then Edit the order, and then Request Fulfillment of the updated order.

Customize the delay before Unfulfilled status order items are sent to your fulfillment location, and therefore transition to Processing status, by setting the fulfillment delay in Settings > Fulfillment

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