Create Categories

Set up Categories for your 29 Next store's products

Product Categories

Create Categories to organize your products into public collections. For example, if your store sells sporting goods, you may wish to have separate categories for shoes, equipment, and apparel.

Create a Category

Navigate to Products > Categories and select New Category, or choose an existing category to modify it.

From the Category Details View, input the following content. If your store supports multiple languages, you may input translated values via the language tabs:

  • Name* (required)

  • Description

  • SEO Meta title

  • SEO Meta description

Next, add optional settings:

  • Add an Image for the category

  • Assign a default Tax Code for products in the category

  • Define a slug to define the URL path to the category

  • Choose is public to show or hide the category on the storefront

Click Save

You will be able to assign one or more categories to Products using the Product Categories card in the Product Details view.

Customizing Category Templates

Each Category has a page on your 29 Next storefront. When setting up a category you can input custom content and HTML, unique for each supported language, to style and add content to your category page presentation.

Theme Developers - to learn about custom storefront category pages, and how to create theme templates, check out the 29 Next Theme developer docs.

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