Integrate Marketing Automation for Email & SMS

Klaviyo is a leading ecommerce marketing automation and CRM platform that integrates to 29 Next as an App. With Klaviyo, you can engage your prospects and customers at every step of the customer lifecycle through email and SMS.

Klaviyo is an installable App, available to install from the Apps menu on your 29 Next Dashboard.


29 Next integrates Klaviyo both on the storefront theme with Klaviyo's tracking javascript, as well as behind the scenes with a server to server API integration.

Once installed, the Klaviyo App creates custom Webhooks to listen for events in your store.

Supported Ecommerce Events

The following events in 29 Next are synced to Klaviyo. 29 Next also provides personalized Checkout URLs, so customers may return to abandoned carts and checkout with their details pre-populated.

  • customer.created

  • customer.updated

  • cart.abandoned

  • order.created

  • order.updated

  • subscription.created

  • subscription.updated

  • app.uninstalled

Klaviyo standard events available in Campaigns and Flows:

  • Active on Site

  • Viewed Product

  • Added to Cart

  • Started Checkout*

  • Started Subscription

  • Cancelled Subscription

  • Fulfilled Order

  • Cancelled Order

  • Refunded Order

The Started Checkout event is supported by both the front-end Klaviyo javascript tag, as well as the server to server API. To prevent duplicate events from firing you may wish to disable the Send Started Checkout Event with Abandoned Cart setting in the Klaviyo App Settings.

Configure Klaviyo

Once you've installed Klaviyo, choose Actions > Settings to configure the connection between your store and your Klaviyo account.

Specify a Public API Key, and a Klaviyo Private API Key, both obtainable from your Klaviyo account under Settings > Account > API Keys, to sync events and customer data.

Default Subscription List

Choose the List from your Klaviyo account to use as the default for all email signups processed by the Klaviyo App. It's recommended to set this list to "Single Opt-in" in the list Consent settings, to ensure that customers who opt-in on your website forms are successfully subscribed to your email flows and campaigns.

Optionally, choose to Enable SMS Consent if you wish to communicate with your customers by SMS. Note, you must obtain explicit informed consent from your customers before sending SMS marketing to them.

If you have obtained SMS consent from your customers on your storefront or custom marketing funnels, you may designate your SMS Consent List in Klaviyo to add customers with "Single Opt-In". For more on the requirements for SMS Consent, see Klaviyo's docs.

Sync Products

To sync your product Catalogue, in Klaviyo go to the Content > Products menu, then select Add Custom Products and provide the URL to your XML product feed. The Username and Password fields are not required.

Note - your XML feed from 29 Next is the same URL path as your store's Google Merchant Feed.

  • XML Feed Path - https://[your store domain.com]/catalogue/google.xml

When importing your product list as a Custom Source, note that Klaviyo requires the Category and Description fields to be populated on all Products in your store's products Catalogue.

Klaviyo only syncs products set to Public status.

Once Klaviyo has updated the Status of the custom product feed to "Sync Complete", you must finalize the importing. Choose the Source, and confirm the mapping of fields from your product feed to the equivalent Klaviyo fields. For most product feeds the default field mapping should not require editing.

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