Block Lists

Protect your store from fraud with customizable block lists

Block Lists

To prevent abuse and consumer fraud, and to avoid potential liabilities like payment disputes, it's useful to maintain Block Lists for your store. If a customer attempts to place an order and check out using credentials that are on a Block List, they will be blocked and unable to proceed.

Payment attempts that are rejected due to block list rules will return the Response Code 3017 Blocked by Block List

Additionally, you can choose to block BINs (the first 6 digits of a credit or debit card, which identifies the issuing institution) to avoid card issuers that may cause poor billing performance.

Adding to Block Lists

To add a customer or payment card to your block list, navigate to the Customer Details View, choose Actions > Add to Block Lists. The customer's payment cards and email will automatically be added to block lists. To remove from the block lists, simply choose Actions > Remove from Block Lists.

Add a BIN to the BIN Block List from Payments > Block Lists > Blocked Card BINs and choose "Add Card Bin". Likewise, to manually add an email address to the Blocked Emails list, choose "Add Email".

Block Lists View

From the Payments > Block Lists menu, you can view each of your store's block lists. Block Lists are separated into three types:

  • Blocked Card Fingerprints

    Card Fingerprints are a hashed representation of a full card number (16 digits), generated by our token vault. If a customer attempts to use the same card number on any store check out, the same Fingerprint will be generated, and rejected via Block List rules. Using this feature you may block specific full card numbers without requiring direct access to the card number data.

  • Blocked Emails

    For customers added to a block list, the customer's Email address is also automatically added to the blocked emails list. Email is the unique customer identifier for your store.

  • Blocked BINs

    Any BINs added to a block list are viewable and editable here. Note that any cardholder using a card issued by a blocked BIN will be unable to place orders.

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