3PL Central

Automate fulfillment with the leading warehouse management app

Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager, or 3PL Central, is a leading warehouse management solution for ecommerce sellers and fulfillment providers, and is available to install as a fulfillment service app to automate the processing of your order shipments.

3PL Central is an App, installable via the Apps menu in your 29 Next store. For developers - learn more about Fulfillment Service Apps

Set Up 3PL Central App

Once installed, from the Apps section choose 3PL Central > Actions > Settings.

Select Create Location to connect your fulfillment provider's location to your store. Input the following fields to set up the integration:

  • Name - Provide a Location name which will display throughout the store's order management views

  • Client ID - Input your 3PL Central API access Client ID

  • Client Secret - Input the 3PL Central API access Client Secret

  • Client Secret Login/Username - Provide your 3PL Central Username

  • Create

Your Fulfillment Location will now be set up to automatically process orders, and will be accessible in the store's Fulfillment Settings.

Map Shipping Methods

You may optionally map your store's Shipping Methods to shipping services supported by your fulfillment provider via 3PL Central.

From the Location Settings, choose Add Mapping. Select from the list of your store's existing Shipping Methods to map to a requested shipping service supported by your fulfillment provider.

Mapping your store's Shipping Methods to a specific carrier service is not required, and is an optional step. Consult your fulfillment provider for fine tuning of your integration to suit your store's specific requirements.

App Logs

The Logs tab lists all the order fulfillment events that were synced to your fulfillment location via the 3PL Central app, to assist in tracing events on an order level where necessary.

Update Shipping Addresses

If an order is already Processing and has been accepted for fulfillment by 3PL Central, it can still be edited in many cases. To update a customer's shipping address for an order that's already been submitted to 3PL Central, follow these steps from the Order Details View:

  • Request to Cancel the fulfilment

  • (If the request is accepted) proceed to update the Shipping Address

  • Request Fulfillment again

The fulfillment will be posted again to 3PL Central with the updated customer Shipping Address.

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