Delivery Tracking

Track order delivery performance from end to end

Track your order delivery performance from end to end using the Delivery Tracking App. Gain insights on delivery performance along with a granular view of the carrier events during the entire delivery phase from door to door.

Delivery Tracking is an available to install from the Apps menu in your 29 Next store.

Orders List - Delivery Status

From the Orders menu, filter the delivery status of orders by using the Delivery Status filter. The below statuses are populated and updated on each order, only on stores with Delivery Tracking installed:

  • Tracking Added

  • In Transit

  • Out For Delivery

  • Attempted Delivery

  • Failed Delivery

  • Delivered

  • Delayed

Order Details

To view the delivery statuses and carrier timeline on an individual order, from the Order Details, on the order items card, select View All Events to open a fulfillment details view. This view updates to display the order's entire delivery timeline, from the point the carrier picks up the items, to the time of delivery at the destination.

Fulfillment Reports

View aggregated metrics relating to order fulfillment and delivery with Fulfillment Reports. The below reporting metrics are available when Delivery Tracking is installed

  • Deliveries

  • Failures

  • Avg. Delivery Time

These metrics will only be available if Delivery Tracking is installed.

Delivery Tracking is a paid App, billed per order tracked.

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