Campaigns App

Connect custom checkouts to 29 Next Campaigns API

Simplify and accelerate the deployment of custom marketing funnels and checkouts with 29 Next's Campaigns API.

Campaigns is an installable App in your 29 Next store. Head to the Apps menu to install it from the 29 Next Dashboard.

29 Next supports fully custom marketing funnels, including checkouts, and post-purchase upsells. The main method for creating fully custom flows is to use the Admin API with a server to server connection.

Custom Funnels with Campaigns API

Now, with Campaigns App, there is no need for server to server backend API integration. The Campaigns App leverages a frontend CORS-enabled API to allow for custom funnels without a backend integration.

Learn more about the 29 Next Campaigns API and the best practices for creating and deploying fully-custom customer experiences.

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