Location-Based Routing

Set up one or multiple fulfillment locations to orchestrate order fulfillment

Multi-Location Fulfillment

29 Next supports fulfilling your products from multiple unique locations. Further, a single order having items fulfilled from multiple locations (split fulfillments) is also supported.

For more about setting up and managing fulfillment locations, check out the Fulfillment Settings set up documentation.

Order Routing Rules

When orders contain products that can be shipped from more than one location, the following rule set applies to select the fulfillment location.

1. Allowed Destination Country

If Allowed Destination Countries are configured on a fulfillment location, then orders from the specified country will be priority routed to that location.

Example Three Fulfillment Locations are set up on the store: US Warehouse Fulfillment Location

  • Allowed Destination - United States

Canada Warehouse Fulfillment Location

  • Allowed Destination - Canada

China Warehouse Fulfillment Location

  • Allowed Destinations - All

For orders with shipping address = Mexico

  • Automatically ships from China because only China can ship to Mexico

For orders with shipping address = Canada

  • Can ship from Canada or China. Move to next rule - Available Inventory - to determine the fulfillment location to choose.

2. Available Inventory

Fulfillment locations are chosen first based on having available inventory (unless backorders are set as enabled at the product level).

This primary logic allows for a smooth transition path when merchants wish to change fulfillment locations. They simply add their new Location for given products, and adjust inventory available as needed to transition order routing.

3. Minimize Split Fulfillments

Products are grouped together when possible to ship from the same fulfillment location with an aim to reducing fulfillment costs.


Order has Product A and Product B. Product A has inventory at Fulfillment Locations X and Y, Product B has inventory at Fulfillment Location X only.

Location X is chosen because both are available and the ordered items can ship together.

4. Minimize Cross Border Shipments

Fulfillment locations within the same country as the customer's shipping address are preferred to reduce cross-border shipments.


Fulfillment locations are in Los Angeles and London, and the customer's shipping address is in New York.

Los Angeles location is chosen because it's within the same country (the shipment wouldn't have to cross a border).

5. Nearest Location

If multiple (or zero) fulfillment locations are available within the shipping country, the closest geographic location is selected to ship orders the shortest distance.


Order products are available in both Los Angeles and New York fulfillment locations, and the customer's shipping address is in Chicago.

The New York fulfillment location would be chosen because it's geographically closer to Chicago.

Tip for merchants drop-shipping from overseas providers:

It's often useful to set the Fulfillment Location address to your physical Returns handling address, or a local address in the region of sales.

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