Set up your PayPal account to use for storefront checkout and over the API

Configure PayPal

PayPal is a Payment App that offers a variety of payment features both in the store checkout and for orders created over the Admin API.

Both the legacy PayPal Express (SOAP/NVP) integration and the Paypal REST integration are supported.

From Apps > PayPal, configure features and input your PayPal API account credentials.

Choose Add Account to link your PayPal account.

29 Next supports the use of multiple PayPal accounts in a single store. The Default account will be used for storefront checkouts, but over the Admin API you can designate a PayPal account ID to use for external checkout flows.

PayPal Optional Features

For testing purposes, it's recommended to create a PayPal account with β€œEnvironment” set to Sandbox, and a second account with the "Live" production credentials. When you’re ready to accept live transactions, be sure to switch the β€œLive” environment to your default.

29 Next supports automated uploading of shipment carrier and tracking number information to PayPal for PayPal orders. Uploading tracking data to PayPal is recommended to minimize the risk of disputes and provide the best customer service to PayPal buyers.

PayPal One-Click Upsells (Reference Transactions)

To allow for post-checkout one-click upsells for Paypal buyers, without requiring a second redirect or Paypal confirmation pop-up, your account must be enabled for Reference Transactions.

Important Notes:

  • Reference transactions are only supported via the legacy NVP/SOAP Paypal Express integration.

  • Reference transaction support is not enabled by default for Paypal accounts. You must request this to be enabled via Paypal support for your account.

  • This process may take several days, and Paypal may request additional information from the merchant to approve this request.

PayPal via API

For implementations of PayPal over the Admin API and Campaigns API, including "one click checkout" features, see the PayPal Admin API Guide

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