Create Blog articles on your storefront

Storefront Blog

29 Next supports a full-featured storefront Blog, where you can create, view, and edit Blog articles from the Storefront > Blog menu.

First create Categories to organize your blogs into groups, which you can later assign to your Blog Posts.

For more on Storefront Themes, visit 29 Next Theme Developers docs.

Creating Blog Posts

From the Storefront > Blog menu, on the Posts tab, choose New Post to create a new blog article, or choose Actions > Edit on an existing post to edit the blog. Choose from the following options:

  • Slug (a custom short-form URL)

  • Author

  • Feature Image

  • Post Date

  • Publish as Public / Non-Public

  • Assign Categories

  • SEO & SEO Meta Settings

Write your Blog in the Content section, and switch to the Code view to view and edit custom HTML. If your store supports multiple languages, you may input translated content via the language tabs.

Blog posts published to your storefront carry the default Store Theme styles, unless you've created custom Page Templates in your theme. Apply custom templates from the Theme Template selector, if available.

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