Quick visual access to the most important metrics in your store

Sales Dashboard

Quickly and easily view the most important data relating to store sales by navigating to Analytics.

Most of the revenue and customer metrics available on the Sales Dashboard are shown alongside data from the previous comparable period. For example, a view of the current week’s data will also show the trailing week’s data as a comparison, and the rate of change.

Total Revenue

This chart displays the total sales revenue, minus refunds, during the selected date range.

Total Orders

The total orders created during the selected date range.

Average Order Value (AOV)

Total Orders divided by Total Sales equals the AOV during the selected date range.

New Customers

The number of new customers who completed a purchase during the selected date range.

Top Selling Products

A list of the top selling products, units sold, and revenue totals, during the selected date range.

Top Converting Offers

A list of the top Offers, the number of orders to which the Offer applied, and the sales revenue total for each Offer, during the selected date range.

Subscriptions Dashboard

View high level subscription metrics including MRR, Cancel Rates, and more from the Subscriptions Dashboard.

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

MRR is among the most important metrics subscription-based businesses use to predict the amount of expected revenue via recurring billing on a monthly basis. MRR is calculated as your monthly-normalized revenue from all Active and Past-Due status subscriptions. MRR is a forward-looking metric, and accounts only for recurring billing revenues. One-off refunds and adjustments would not affect MRR calculations.

New Subscribers

This displays the number of new subscriptions created during the specified date range.

MRR Growth

This chart displays the rate of change in your MRR over time, based on the below factors. Hover any of the chart values to see the breakdown of these metrics for every interval of time:

  • New Subscriptions New subscriptions were created, adding to expected MRR.

  • Expansion An existing subscription is upgraded to increase its value, i.e. its MRR. For example when a customer increases the quantity or frequency of their recurring order, or a discount or incentive on a particular recurring billing cycle is reduced.

  • Contraction An existing subscription is downgraded or otherwise modified to decrease its value. For example, when a customer reduces the quantity or frequency of a recurring order, or an ongoing discount is applied to their subscription.

  • Churn An existing subscription is canceled, or paused. Note, via Subscription Settings you can configure custom rules to handle salvaging failed payments, expired cards, and other scenarios when subscriptions end

Projected Lifetime Value (LTV)

A forward-looking metric that predicts the lifetime value of your average subscriber. This value is calculated by dividing Average Revenue per Subscription by Churn Rate. Note - the larger the sample size of subscribers, both active and churned, the more accurate this value should become over time.

Top Subscribed Products

This displays a list of the top products in subscription orders, including the recurring revenue associated with them, and the rate of change during the date range specified.

Cancellations by Reason

Configure subscription cancel reasons at Subscription Settings. These reasons can be chosen by the customer during a self-serve cancellation set to β€œPublic”, if your store allows that functionality via Customer Accounts. All cancel reasons can be chosen during a cancellation by a customer service agent or administrator.

Subscriber Retention by Cohort

This chart divides customers into cohorts, based on when their subscriptions began. Retention is displayed based on the subscriber being active and not yet churned within the billing period.

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