Decline Salvage

Recover revenue and reduce subscriber churn with subscription decline salvage tools

Subscription Renewal Decline Salvage

When a subscription fails to renew due to a failed payment, 29 Next helps you recover the payment and retain your customer with automated retry capabilities.

Subscription renewal payments may fail for various reasons that are temporary, and often the best course of action is to simply retry the renewal at a later time and date. When a renewal payment failure occurs, 29 Next categorizes the reason to determine whether the issue is temporary and the renewal should be reattempted.

Failed Payments Handling

To enable subscription renewal retries and control the settings, navigate to Settings > Subscriptions from the Dashboard.

Payment Decline Types

Soft Declines - may be reattempted again in the future. Soft declines carry payment failure reason codes in the 2000 range.

Hard Declines - not recommended to retry, no automated reattempt occurs. Decline reason codes in the 3000 range.

For more information, see Transaction Response Codes

Subscriptions that fail renewal payment will be retried if Automatic Retry Mode is enabled. While a subscription is retrying, the status will be โ€œRetryingโ€ and the โ€œNext Retry Dateโ€ will be displayed in the subscription details.

Subscription Renewal Smart Retry

The optimized โ€œSmartโ€ retry schedule is based on aggregate data from industry leaders, tuned to provide the highest chance of recovery for subscribers, while minimizing decline transaction fees and ratios on your merchant account.

Decline Salvage Schedule

  • Attempt 1 - Retry 3 days after first decline at 2 PM in store timezone

  • Attempt 2 - Retry on 1st or 16th of the month at 3 PM in store timezone

  • Attempt 3 - Retry on the next upcoming Friday at 2 PM in store timezone

After all retries have completed, a subscription will transition to Past Due or Canceled depending on your storeโ€™s settings.

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