Partner Marketing Reports

Share customized reporting views with third party marketing partners

Partner Reports allow you to generate dedicated reporting views for marketing partners such as affiliates, media buyers, and digital agencies.

Grant your marketing partners access to reports that show sales data limited to the marketing sources they provide, and limit access to other unrelated sales data.

Setting Up Partner Reports

Navigate to Settings > Partner Reports and choose Create Partner Report to set up a new custom report. Choose a Name for the custom report.

Choose a Filter Strategy:

  • Include = display only the specified sources in the partner report

  • Exclude = display all sales data except the specified sources in the partner report

Select to Show Sales Revenue Columns, or exclude them from your marketing partner's report.

Choose the filters to apply on the report, to limit the the displayed data to specific marketing attribution criteria. Filters can be multi-selected to cover cases where a marketing partner generates sales across multiple products, funnels, affiliate IDs, and so on.

  • Products

  • Subscription Lifecycle - choose to include or exclude initial or ongoing subscription orders

  • Funnel

  • Affiliate

  • UTM Source

  • UTM Medium

  • UTM Campaign

  • UTM Term

  • UTM Content

Next, define User Access to this reporting view. Choose either to link an Existing User or invite a New User to grant access to the report.

New users will receive an email from 29 Next, prompting them to log in and confirm their email address and password.

Click Save.

Viewing Partner Reports

From the Partner Reports settings view, you will see a list of all partner reports that have been created, along with the filters configured to each view, and the users that have been granted view access.

To preview an existing Partner Report click Actions > View from the reports list.

Marketing partner users added to partner reports are able to access their customized reporting views by logging into 29 Next at

Individual users can be invited to multiple partner reports, across multiple stores, from the same 29 Next account.

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