Fully integrated marketing automation
Omnisend is a marketing automation tool that allows you to engage your prospects and customers at every step of the customer lifecycle, through email, push messaging, or SMS methods.
Omnisend is an installable App, available from the Apps menu in your store.

How to Setup Omnisend Integration for Your Store

An Omnisend Store Account can be set up and configured for each language of your store. To set up a new mapping, navigate to Apps > Omnisend.
These Account IDs correspond to the Store(s) in your Omnisend account. If your 29 Next store supports multiple languages and/or locales, you should map each to a separate Omnisend Store to ensure fully segregated and localized marketing content.
Find your Omnisend Account ID and API Key in your Omnisend account Store settings.
Omnisend API Key Settings View
29 Next automatically syncs the entire customer lifecycle context to Omnisend at every stage. For example, products viewed, products added to a cart, purchases, and so forth. Using this customer and order data, it's easy to set up marketing automation flows in your Omnisend account.