Facebook Pixel

Connect your store to the Meta Conversions API for Server-Side tracking

The Facebook Pixel App creates a server-to-server connection to post tracking and sales attribution metrics to the Meta Conversions API. Server-side API tracking is the method recommended by Meta to ensure the highest degree of accuracy in the data sent to the Facebook (Meta) Pixel.

Facebook Pixel is an installable App. Enable it from the Apps menu on your store.

Set Up Facebook Pixel

To connect your store to the Meta Conversions API, navigate to Apps > Facebook Pixel > Settings.

Select Add Pixel

Input the following values obtained from your Meta Business Manager account:

  • Pixel ID (Dataset ID)

  • Access Token

Select Save.

You may optionally add additional Facebook (Meta) Pixels to your store.

Facebook Settings

Once you have added one or more Facebook (Meta) Pixels, choose the Default Facebook Pixel to be used in your store. Configure the following optional settings

  • Enable Delay Order Confirmation - add a 10 minute delay after purchase events, to ensure that orders are completed including any upsells before being posted to the Conversions API.

  • Enable Test Data - allow Test Orders data to be posted to the Conversions API.

How Facebook Pixel App works

The Facebook Pixel app automatically adds your Facebook (Meta) Pixel JS to the storefront. Additionally, the app creates the following attribution metadata fields in your store, which correspond to values required by Meta Conversions API to track events accurately:

  • fb_fbc (required) - value from Facebook (Meta) Pixel JS to capture the click.

  • fb_fbp (required) - value from Facebook (Meta) Pixel JS to capture the click.

  • fb_pixel_id (optional) - pass an alternative Pixel ID to specify a different Facebook (Meta) Pixel than the app's Default to be used in the Meta Conversions API post.

  • fb_test_code (optional) - this field can be used to pass test events, but should only used by developers. Additional documentation - Meta.

For additional documentation about Click IDs and related tracking parameters, see Meta documentation

Use Facebook Pixel with External Checkouts

When creating orders via externally-hosted marketing funnels and checkouts integrated to the Admin API or the Campaign API, it's important to pass the required metadata on orders to ensure that the Meta Conversions API receives the proper attribution elements.

  • fb_fbc (required)

  • fb_fbp (required)

These represent browser cookie values generated by the Facebook (Meta) Pixel JS, installed on your externally-hosted site. Capturing these values and appending them to orders as attribution metadata, will post them to the Meta Conversions API on order events.

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