Sales Performance

Evaluate sales and support staff performance, discounts, and coupon use
Aggregate and evaluate your sales and support staff users' performance, Offers and Coupon (voucher) usage and performance across all your marketing channels, for the selected date ranges.

Offer Performance

View the usage of each individual Offer in your store, and the total amount of discount applied from each offer. Click on individual Offers to drill down to the offer setup, and view a list of recent orders using the offer.

Coupon Performance

View all Coupon Codes, the number of times they have been used in customer carts, and used in orders, and the total discount applied for each code.
Click on individual coupon codes in the results to drill down to the coupon setup, and view a list of recent orders using the coupon.

Agent Performance

View the activities of all Agents, which are Users in your store with the requisite permissions to create orders and issue refund transactions.
View, across any selected date range, the number of orders created by each Agent, the total amount of the orders, and the average value of the orders. View also the total refunds and amount issued, and the average value of refunds. Click on Orders or Refunds to drill down to view a list of the individual orders or transactions processed by the Agent.
This report is useful to identify broad sales and support metrics across back office staff.