Create, manage, and split test marketing funnels

Funnels Overview

Your store features a full suite of tools to create and manage customizable and engaging Funnels for marketing campaigns.
Each funnel consists of a collection of Pages and Assets, allowing them to be uniquely styled separately from the main storefront theme. This gives your designers maximum freedom to craft the look and feel of integrated marketing campaigns. Funnels can also be easily copied and edited to make minor variations and edits, and enable rapid split testing.

Details & Components

On the funnels detail view you’ll be able to manage the funnel pages as well as funnel-wide settings, assets, and header and footer scripts.

Page Flow Concepts

Funnel flows are highly flexible with the ability to support either simple flow paths or more complex paths with different variations. Each Page in a funnel has a “Next Page” to designate where to take the user next, until they reach the Checkout flow. This means you can have multiple landing pages for A/B testing or multiple offers based on, for example, a survey questionnaire result. Some example possible funnel flows below.
Simple Funnel Flow with a Single Page
Multi-Offer Funnel Flow Multiple Paths

Page Content

Funnel Page content is full HTML allowing you complete flexibility to build a page to match any design.


Use the Cart JS API to integrate actions such as “add product to cart” and forms to integrate your funnel pages into the store backend with minimal code. See Cart JS API Documentation.

Pages, CSS, Assets


Assets for your funnel page designs can be uploaded through the Assets tab which features drag and drop uploader. Once uploaded, all assets are automatically available on AWS Cloudfront CDN for optimal load time performance globally.


For your custom designed funnels, you can include your default store theme styles and an extra custom css file, or you can opt to have complete custom funnel css that does not inherit your store theme styles.

Last modified 5mo ago