Stripe Payment Intents

Set up Stripe Payment Intents on your store

Create a Stripe Payment Intents Gateway

Stripe Payment Intents is the latest version of Stripe's payment services infrastructure, supporting a wide variety of payment types, flows, and scenarios. To set up this gateway on 29 Next, you are required to create and copy certain values from your Stripe account.
To set up a Stripe Payment Intents integration, first navigate to Settings > Payments and choose Create Gateway on the External Gateways section.
Choose Setup Gateway for Stripe Payment Intents.
The following credentials are required to be provided to set up your gateway. See below for instructions on how to generate these values from your Stripe login.
  • Login
  • Webhook ID
  • Webhook Signing Secret
  • Toggle "Transaction ID Management Enabled"
Transaction ID Management is a setting that allows for off-session payments -- for example recurring billing charges not initiated by the customer. It requires contacting Stripe Support to have this feature enabled.

Generate "Login"

Log in to your Stripe account's dashboard, and choose the "Developers" option
Developers Mode in the Stripe Dashboard
Access the API Keys menu, and choose to Create secret key. The secret key Token value will be used for the Login field in the 29 Next setup gateway form.
Developers > API Keys section in the Stripe Dashboard

Generate Webhook ID & Webhook Signing Secret

In the Stripe Dashboard Developers area, access the Webhooks menu, and choose Add endpoint
Developers > Webhooks view in the Stripe Dashboard
Use the following values to fill in the form
  • Endpoint URL : https://core.spreedly.com/stripe/webhooks
  • Description : ( optional )
  • Events : payment_intent.succeeded, payment_intent.payment_failed, and payment_intent.amount_capturable_updated
Set up a Webhook
Choose Add endpoint, then get the Webhook ID and Webhook Signing Secret
Webhook ID and Webhook Signing Secret
Add those values into the 29 Next setup gateway form, and choose Create Gateway.
That's it! You're set up and ready to accept transactions via Stripe Payment Intents.